On site cyclic water management

Current challenges have to be embraced to create successful cities for the future. The Permavoid concept is based on on-site catchment, storage and reuse of rainwater and air-conditioning condensate for example, thus keeping valuable water out of the sewer. This reduces de risk of flooding during rainstorms and at the same time enables plants to grow with available water, effectively cooling the city and enhancing local liveability and biodiversity.

The Permavoid solution: Liveable cities through cyclic water management


Plants and trees

Growing plants provide a multitude of functions in the urban environment. Evapotranspiration from the leaves cools the city and reduces the Urban Heat Island effect. The same leafs reflect sunlight back in to the atmosphere and cast a shadow, creating an urban cooling effect, while at the same time being capable of removing pollutants from the atmosphere.

Green space has a relaxing effect on the human mind and a positive effect on human health, while at the same time it can be used by insects and birds as stepping-stones to migrate through the city.

For urban green space to perform these important functions, water is key. Without water, plants stop growing, stop cooling the city, stop flowering and stop removing gaseous pollutants from the atmosphere. Hence a system capable of catching, storing and returning rainwater to the plants is of the upmost importance. Preferable in a natural manner, without the use of pumps, hoses, valves or electricity.


Following the cyclic water management concept, the source of water must be either rainwater, or any other form of safely useable ‘waste-‘water such as HVAC-condensate or TSE. Only then water is treated as a resource, improving urban quality of life, and not regarded a nuisance, or ‘waste’.

Catch-Store-Use, just like nature

Multifunctional design

Available surfaces in urban areas often serve only one specific function. Examples are rooftops that simply keep the rain out or sports pitches that only serve the purpose to play sports on. In ever more dense urban areas it is of vital importance to project more functions on surfaces, therefore achieve true multifunctional use of available space. Roofs, landscaped areas, sports pitches, driveways and street trees are all areas, which can serve multiple purposes.

The multifunctionality that can be attained on these surfaces include, rainwater harvesting and storage, commercial space, urban cooling, reduction of sewer loading during peak events, irrigation water reduction, improved human health and space for biodiversity.

The Greensource sports pitch: catch water and transform it into potable water!

If space is scarce, make sure you optimise the space you do have

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