PermaChannel is a combined run-off collection, silt/effluent interception and treatment system. The PermaChannel is designed to prevent the development of lateral velocities, thus its initial function is to ‘still’ the sheet-flow from each sub-catchment and to encourage silt deposition along the length of each channel. The outlets discharge from the side of the channel via a weir & baffle component, which separates oils and prevents the effluent and silt from progressing beyond the channel into the rest of the drainage system.

The goal of this form of interception and treatment at source is the prevention of silt and other contaminants from entering the Permavoid drainage system. Furthermore, due to the instant velocity control, emulsification of oils is dramatically reduced. The designed effluent treatment levels are well within PPG3 requirements and outperform Class 1 interceptors/separators.

“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid

Features & Applications

Key features:

    • Prevention of silt and other contaminants from entering the Permavoid system
    • Silt collected in accessible channels for cleaning and maintenance
    • Low flow speeds dramatically reduce emulsification of oils
    • Weir and baffle prevent floating oils and debris from entering the system
    • In accordance with PPG3 guidance on treatment level
    • Useable in temporary constructions: system cam be repeatedly constructed and deconstructed many times over, without damage to the components

Common applications

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