Permavoid Biomat

The Permavoid Biomat comprises a tri-laminate of low-density plastic composite. The Biomat floats on water and is designed to intercept and treat any potential residual emulsified oils that may be present within the surface water at the point of entry into the system. The buoyant Biomat is in constant contact with the water-air interface and degrades any residual oils by adsorption and aerobic digestion.

The Permavoid Biomat system has been extensively researched in partnership with Coventry University. The experiments included studies of the oil retention, the biofilm formation and the mineralization of the entrapped hydrocarbons. The research has demonstrated that the system is capable of retaining and biodegrading the hydrocarbon pollutants from the surface waters. The entrapped hydrocarbons become part of a complex biofilm, which utilizes the oil pollutants as a nutrient source (mineralization). The system also demonstrated that both unused and used lubricating oil can be degraded.

“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid 

Features & Applications

Key features:

  • Designed to remove and biologically degrade hydrocarbon pollutants from the surface run-off water
  • Same size as standard Permavoid units and can therefore be incorporated within any Permavoid attenuation design
  • Capable of retaining 56g of oil per Permavoid Biomat unit

Common applications

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