Permavoid Control Chambers

In most applications infrastructure to monitor and control the water level in the Permavoid system is necessary. Since the Permavoid system itself is usually covered with hard and softscapes, and has only 85 or 150 mm of space within the drainage/conveyance layer, Permavoid control chambers offer a solid solution for water management. The Permavoid Control Chambers are a family of products that ensure any Permavoid water management system performs effectively. These chambers come with 160mm Ø standard inlet and outlet pipes installed.

The monitoring chamber (500mm Ø) has a single 160mm Ø connection to the Permavoid system and allows the user to monitor water levels in the system without actually having to look in the Permavoid system. This chamber has enough space to install sensor technology to remotely monitor water levels. The monitoring chamber is an important element for each Permavoid water management system at ground level and is intended to be completely independent from any water in/out chambers providing access to undisturbed water levels within the system.

The overflow chamber (600mm Ø) is a zero-energy low tech yet 100% reliable way of maximising the amount of water stored in the Permavoid system. All water over the adjustable maximum level drains to the sewer without obstructions. The overflow chamber can be easily adjusted to a desired water level whilst simultaneously allowing overflow during heavy rain events, preventing too much water to build up in the system and provide optimal water levels within the system.

The Permavoid 600mm Ø Multi-use / Pump chamber, is a multi-function universal chamber, which may be used as either a pumping, or monitoring chamber. The primary use is to give a visual indication of the water levels within the Permavoid water management system. The chamber has pre-fabricated connections to enable a pump to be incorporated for example, to pump water to a purification unit. The 32mm ⌀ and 40mm ⌀ inlet connections are unique to the family of Permavoid Monitoring Chambers, which makes this chamber compatible for Greensource projects worldwide.

The 600mm ⌀ Permavoid Equivalence Chamber is a mains water entry point, should any Permavoid attenuation system need water levels maintaining. The chamber can allow for the system to be set to a specified level and ensures water influx does not exceed the set level. The Permavoid equivalence chambers are a reliable way of maintaining a water level within the system, of great importance when the system is used in conjunction with Permavoid capillary irrigation technology.

The 600mm Ø Silt Pit Chamber with 160mm Ø inlet & outlet, is key in maintaining a properly functioning Permavoid system. The silt pit chamber has 5 x 160mm Ø inlet spigots that channel water into the siltpit. The chamber is designed to facilitate the removal and deposition of silt and debris from the collected water. The chamber spigots are sized to fit standard underground 160mm Ø push-fit couplings and other 160mm Ø PVOD products. The chamber can easily be cut to size, to suit individual site levels.


“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid 

Features & Applications

Key features:

  • Convenient entry for monitoring and control
  • Reliable water level management: prevent system flooding
  • Automated controlled system refill to prevent plant death
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • Chambers can be made to specifications
  • Spigot length 90 mm
  • Standard spigot pipe connections 160mm Ø
  • HDPE

Common applications

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