Podium Deck Gully, Light

The podium deck gully creates a point in the Permavoid system for surface water from paved surfaces to enter the Permavoid system for storage, conveyance and later re-use.

The Podium Deck Gully 315mm has been specifically designed for use in shallow Permavoid® podium deck construction, with either the 85 or 150 mm units, where a 315mm ⌀ connection is required for the gully cover and frame. The chamber is set within the Permavoid and has a 200 mm high circular 315mm ⌀ riser. Rainwater is collected and dispersed into the surrounding Permavoid storage system. The gully has an integral silt basket and is easily accessible for clearing of silt and debris during routine maintenance. Gully grating and frame not included.

“The units are designed with tomorrow’s  world in mind. Made from 100% recycled  materials now, and again 100% recyclable  in  the future.”

Ron van Raam, CEO Permavoid 

Features & Applications

Key features:

  • Easy access for routine maintenance
  • Effective water dispersal
  • Integrates with surrounding Permavoid
  • Not suitable for trafficked situations
  • Available for Permavoid 85 and 150 mm units
  • Riser outside diameter 315 mm
  • Riser length 200 mm
  • HPDE

Common applications

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