Permavoid Stadium Projects

New White Hart Lane retractable Football Pitch
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.- London

To provide Tottenham Hotspur with an industry leading playing surface we've collaborated with Hewitt Sportsturf to create one of the greatest football pitches in the world. The exceptional New White Hart Lane incorporated the scintillating retractable football pitch, allowing the football club to host Premier League football matches and NFL matches on separate dedicated pitches, in the same stadium. The Permavoid technology was incorporated not only to facilitate this great innovation, but also to maintain the finest quality playing surface for both the natural grass Premier League pitch and artificial turf NFL pitch.

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Anfield Stadium
Liverpool FC

The football pitch at Anfield had been in place for 15 years, however the drainage and irrigation system had been since 1998. Liverpool FC sought the most advanced system to meet the requirements for a world class premier league team. Therefore they chose an innovative under pitch drainage and air blanket system which comprised a layer of Permavoid 85mm units, laid on a welded reinforced impermeable membrane, protected by a heavy-duty geotextile. The Permavoid units provide a void through which surface water can rapidly drain and air can be blown through for soil aeration.

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