Royal Highland Games, United Kingdom

Royal Highland Showground in Edinburgh in the UK. Outdoor Arena

Our aim was to provide a self irrigating top quality all weather surfacing solution to replace the grass arena and to offer water harvesting to provide additional stored water for intense usage periods of the venue for the Royal Highland Show reducing the reliance on mains water.

Our partner Andrews Bowen introduces the fully water managed Equaflow System including rain water harvesting with Cloud Water Control offering storage of up to 850000 litres below the arena, harvesting rainfall during the winter for reuse in grassland irriagation and toilet flushing during the summer months and periods of intense use via Pressure Pumps

This resulted in an extremely well conditioned surface. Pressure pumps deliver harvested water when required for toilets and irrigation. Mains water back up ensures minimum operating water levels maintained for surfacing in the event of insufficient rainfall. Cloud Water Control allows remote monitoring and adjustment of levels within the system to ensure the systm is fully charged prior to times of intense use, if mains water is required to supplement rainfal then it can be allowed drawn during periods of low use e.g. at night when there is less pressure on the system from other uses.

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